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Your support and involvement are integral to our work for vulnerable families.

There are many ways you can join us in our work. Here are a few:

  1. Contact your Representatives to urge for policy reform.
    1. Senate –
    2. House of Represenatatives –
    3. U.S. Government Contacts (PDF)
  2. Sign up for E-mail News  – If you want to know what we are working on, our e-mail list is an easy way to stay in touch. Email us to have us add you to our list –
  3. Volunteer or Intern – If you would like to volunteer or intern, email your resume to
  4. Donate Money
  5. Support Us and Donate by:


  1. Mailing a Check
  2. Contacting Us
  3. Make a Payment Through the Website
  4. Running a Campaign
  5. Sponsoring Us
  6. Offering Goods
  7. More



Send checks to:

2146 Roswell Road NE

Suite 108-888

Marietta, GA


Your important contributions enable us to continue working for our vulnerable women and girls in Africa and the United States. 

We have to continue teaching African women and girls about the harm Long-Acting Contraceptives and Breast Cancer research published in the American Association for Cancer Research Journal in February 2012, revealed that Depo Provera increases breast cancer risk by 120 percent (2.2 fold) see

This breast cancer research is now in the new 2015 FDA warning label as a result of Rebecca Project’s advocacysee FDA link below, page 4 – line 7, with citation on page 17 – line 1:


Is my donation safe and secure?

The Rebecca Project for Justice protects the privacy of your credit card account number with security software. Your web browser may detect this encryption and display a padlock icon or message.

How does the Rebecca Project for Justice protect my privacy?

Rebecca Project for Justice protects the privacy of its donors, using two privacy policies to protect both donors and site users.

  1. A General Policy addresses privacy concerns for all site users. In part, it ensures that e-mail addresses or other personal information transmitted via our site will be used only in the way the user has specified – for instance, e-mail addresses used to sign up for e-newsletters will only be used for that purpose.
  2. The Donor Policy concerns donors who make donations on- and off-line. Our donors can be assured that their personal information is housed securely and will not be shared with other groups. If donors do not want their names listed on our Donor List, they may make that request at any time before or after they donate.

How Are My Donations Used?

Donations made to the Rebecca Project for Justice will be utilized to offer and develop the following:

  1. the educational, stabilizing, and healing curriculum of “Crossing the River” in low-income communities and prisons.
  2. The policy education, leadership, civic and advocacy training of “Sacred Authority” in low-income communities and prisons.
  3. Legal referrals for incarcerated mothers with custody and other family law issues.
  4. Developing a coalition of racial justice/human rights lawyers, advocates, service providers and parents who effectively articulate the grave condition of incarcerated addicted mothers.

Donate by Mail

Send checks to sponsor :
2146 Roswell Road NE

Suite 108-888

Marietta, GA



Individuals and artists with questions or ideas about fundraising events please contact Elaine Riddick at and