Adrienne Lynch – Donate to Help Others
Adrienne Lynch – Donate to Help Others

I Want the Best for Us

Adrienne Lynch first used alcohol and marijuana the day after her mother died. She was fourteen years old.

Adrienne’s grief over the loss of her mother, and her need to self-medicate because of the grief, pushed Adrienne into years of substance abuse. She first used marijuana and, later, spiraled down to abusing crack-cocaine. During the progression of Adrienne’s addiction, she lost hold of dreams.

And then she refused to continue to hurt herself and her three daughters. Adrienne entered into an outpatient family treatment program where she and her daughters could heal together as a family. While she received support to recover, her daughters were also given attention and services. “The program helped my daughters to express how they were feeling around my addiction.” Adrienne also learned how to be a better parent through counseling and parenting classes. “I feel closer to my children now and I take the time to listen and to understand how they are feeling. And I keep them feeling good about who they are, which is so important.”

Adrienne has dreams again, for herself and her daughters. She celebrates sixteen months of recovery from addiction. “I feel and look healthier. My self-esteem has increased a lot since treatment. I learned to love and appreciate myself, something I didn’t do before. I want to go on and get training and be hired in computer graphics and design. I want my children to get a good education, an education that can take them places. I want the best for us.”

My Wants vs. My Needs

I Want…
Mommy to tell me everything’s gonna be ok
Life to be fair
Justice to be righteous
Love to be painless
The world to be peaceful
My higher power to be there on my time

I Need…
My pain recognized
My fears recognized as valid
My hurts healed
My surrender accepted
My self-love rejoiced
My resentments forgiven
My womanhood embraced
My spirituality joined in fellowship

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