Our Families
Our Families


Read the stories and poetry of our vulnerable families who are speaking truth to power.
Family Based Treatment Testimonies
Mothers Shackled During Labour & Birth
Planned Parenthood (Depo-Provera)

Mothers Shackled During Labour & Birth

Death By Depo-Provera: Breanna Banner Story

Rochelle had no idea what happened to her daughter for 3 yrs. Until she was cleaning her house when the tv came on one of those, have you or a loved one drug defect commercials came on and every side effect listed was what her Bre suffered. It was a Depo Provera.

Stephanie’s Story

Serving time for possession and direct sale of an illegal substance, due to her drug addiction, Stephanie was in the custody of the state of California in 1992, and incarcerated at the Los Angeles County jail during her pregnancy. She received prenatal care only once every three months.

Tessa’s Story

During her pregnancy Tessa was transported twice by the US marshals, in shackles. In April 2006, Tessa went into labor and was transported to the Tampa General Teaching Hospital.

Arnita’s Story

In September 2000, the state of Ohio sentenced Arnita to sixty months at the Franklin County Correctional Center in Columbus, Ohio for conspiracy to distribute a nonviolent drug offense.

Michelle’s Story

In September 2006, the state of Ohio sentenced Michelle to forty-two months at the Ohio Reformatory for Women for a probation violation linked to her nonviolent felony offense of larceny. Shortly after arriving in prison, Michelle learned that she was pregnant.

Gwen’s Story

Gwen, tired, scared and bleeding, was transported to the hospital in shackles.  She remembers that she was “running hot and cold with chills,” but despite her obvious physical and mental distress, her ankles and wrists remained shackled.

Other Stories

Rosetta’s first experience with drugs occurred at the age of 14. A year later, her
Lorna Hogan’s first boyfriend was her high school sweetheart. She was physically, mentally, and verbally
I was subjected to physical and mental abuse from family members and strangers. I started
When her mother became terminally ill, Karen spiraled down in her addiction. Karen started to
Jeanette’s addiction to crack cocaine almost destroyed Jeanette and her family. Child welfare services threatened